Friday, September 03, 2010

Sherman's lagoon

Another of the very valuable "TED" talks.  This one is Jim Toomey, the cartoonist, telling folks the message of his strip "Sherman's Lagoon".

He describes the ocean as a great dark place in which you find yourself, and all you have is a hammer.  You feel around, and find a big lump of something, and you break off a piece with your hammer, and when you find yourself at the door, you find it is a nice big lump of alabaster. Alabaster has some value, so you go back in, and get more.  Eventually, it comes to you that you should get some light on what you are breaking, and when you turn on the lights, you find that you have been breaking priceless statues in the Louvre.  

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Ann T. said...

I love the TED talks. They are a great spur to further reading.

And what a nightmarish situation described! I will look for this video and check it out.

Ann T.