Monday, February 25, 2008

Museum Pieces

Here are a couple of spaulders which are way too pretty for words. Relevant details...the roped edges, the extant picadills, the mirror polish, (thats pretty rare!) and the high integral fence.

This was a Belgian armour as well...but this one was much more industrial, more "General Issue". It has a very complex rope at the neck line though! Don't think I have ever seen a roped edge that was so complicated, yet it does not match the shoulder armour. I really like the gimbals like a gyroscope, and is made from interlocking cones. The one in back is he same. The rest of the armour is so plain that possibly it belongs to a different suit, or (more likely) it would be covered by a cape, so it didn't matter that it was really plain.

Above is the gorget which we saw in profile in the next pic up. With its mitten gauntlet. The makers marks were right out there for the world to see! Well, until he puts on his breastplate, at which time, it will be covered.

This is what it looks like when it is all put together. The large single piece breastplate, the fancy faulds, the elbows that protect the inside of the elbow, and the fancy rolled top to the breastplate which sits on top of the gorget.
Its funny, most people will be looking at this juice can of a cod piece, but the armourer here is in love with the gauntlets!


Cerulean Bill said...

Good god, that's talent....

Claudio Setti said...

Suuure Bill... you "weren't looking at the cod piece... whatever you say... :P

Seriously though love these great shots you have here - incredible armour. Can't get over the etchings and fine details!

I'll have to visit Malta and see this museum...

Great to meet you at the Fanexpo and thanks for letting me wear your armour! :D

Take care,