Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is Pally-wood. To my eye, much of what we see on the news is clearly staged. Protest signe in Bali that are all written in English, for instance. But then, most protests ARE staged, that is their nature. But what about those remarkable middle of the battle scenes like those intrepid news reporters are getting from, say, Palestine?

I welcome your opinions on this video.


Deb said...

I guess they actually CAN do that. Sad, really.

STAG said...

Amazing you took time out of your busy schedule Dr. Deb to go through that 22 minute video! Thank you.

But you know...this is my political rant regular blog is much more up beat...


Middle Child said...

Maybe we could call it Pollie wood... I am in the process of accessing the whole video as my server is really slow, but have seen about half of it...and will view the rest when it is done... thanks

Todd said...

Be _really_ careful with that video, Bill.

At no point does it actually provide proof (or even argument) for anything it alleges; it simply presents pictures with a "descriptively self-evident" voice-over which never takes into consideration other explanations besides "the obvious ones" it wants to show and encourages the viewer to "make up his own mind" (a method of presentation used by conspiracy theorists who can't fill in all the little blanks they have eg the destruction of the World Trade Center as disputed by the conspiracist crowd).

FWIW, the video's the brainchild of pro-Zionist academic, Richard Landes. That by itself doesn't indisputably prove much of anything, naturally; he could still be correct about media manipulation.

But it smells wrong (and not for the reasons, I'm sure, Dr. Landes would prefer).

Derbecker said...

Got your comments, thanks for the good wishes my 13th of 13 readers. All the best in 2008.

STAG said...

There is no doubt that the voice over is is an Israeli accent after all. So for sure, it pushes an agenda.

A lot of the "raw footage" is available from various sources as well, though I don't trust UTube even more than I don't trust the Israeli apologists.

If I had not been involved in several similar things right here in Canada, I would dismiss this right out of hand. As it is, this particular video is the best of a large number of similar videos in that it clearly uses images which are made by the people in opposition to the narrator. To that end, the conclusion I have come to is that I would like to spend a couple of days at that crossroads, or perhaps a couple of days in Lebanon to see things for myself.

But I would not be allowed to.