Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dear Tech Support, part 2.

Dear Tech Support,
Last year I installed Husband 2.0 over top of Boyfriend4.7. Since then several of my applications have stopped working. Of course, I fully expected Cook and Clean to be written over, they never really worked well anyway, but I was a little disappointed at the sudden and inexplicable loss of PickupUnderwear 2.1 and SaturdayShave 3.3. Although Lawnmow 2.1 and Fixcar 3.2 are working as well as expected, I don't think the expense of Husband 2.0 is worth the replacement of NeighbourhoodKid 3.2 and LocalMechanic 2.2. (and does LM2.2 HAVE to come with "creepy1.5", there MUST be a workaround?)
I was hoping for the affiliated application of Orgasm 7.1, but like everything else about this program, it doesn't work as well as advertised. Of course I really don't want to do anything to fix this, but it helps to talk to somebody about it.

Dear User, We have received your error report and will submit a formal report when we figure out which sales vehicle informed you that Husband 2.0 would actually "altar" boyfriend 4.7. The app is normally unchanged by the addition of WeddingRing 1.0, though of course by the time Wedding Ring 2.0 and3.0 are installed, the app tends to become unstable. If you run Football 4.2 as a background app, Husband 2.0 will stay comfortably in your operating system.

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Jennifer said...

LMAO! Good on ya. :D