Monday, February 13, 2006

Methinks she doth protest too much...

"Methinks she doth protest too much"....W. Shakespeare
NOTHING hurts more than to be ridiculed over something you would prefer to it sexual performance, a toupee over a bald spot, or exposing the lie that your religion is a peaceful one.
Imagine how furious you would be at an ex-girlfriend who was hanging with a bunch of your mutual friends and made comments about how poor your sexual performance was that night! (it was the booze dammit!) And then published cartoons about it. (ouch!) Or imagine somebody grabbing your toupee and waving it above the crowd as a big joke on you!
(Oh don't blow smoke and tell us alcohol didn't cause you to pass out one night before you could get it on!!!! Its happened to all of us! The point is about what comes afterwards...)
The idea of Islam as a peaceful religion is pretty much blown out of the was founded on powerful schisms, and military might. (A visit to Malta would illustrate this perfectly....143 miles of fortifications to stop a peaceful people?) But, like Goerings "Big Lie", it doesn't stand up to the daylight of modern journalism and global communication. So, like me getting pissed off at a kiss and tell girlfriend, Muslim leaders get pissed off at "kiss and Tell" cartoonists.
And please stop the bombings...we are running out of virgins!!!!

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